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What that FutureNet?
FutureNet is an online social network since 2014.
It allows you to be in contact with other entrepreneurs like you do on Facebook - except you are paid pennies per activity (connections, Post Likes ...).

But the main earnings come from 3x10 matrix with 6 positions ($ 10, $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, $ 1000) that allows you to have "media spots" and earn commissions:
- 5% on the position of each person who falls (overflow or direct) in your matrix
- From 10 to 50% matching bonus on direct sponsorship
The media item can be used to purchase the company's products (landing page, video production, cloud, blog).

80% of Futurenet profits are put back into FutureAdPro!
All members FutureAdPro are automatically part of the social network FutureNet.

FutureAdPro is the advertising social network FutureNet (established in 2014)
Advertising packages cost $ 50 and expire at $ 60 (120%)
For each pack purchased, you get 800 views of the pub of your choice (optional)
Sponsorship with tiered percentages by evolving according to your subscription (see below)
10 pubs to watch every day to be paid
Rate at 1% / day


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